Hello, Hurray, Let The Show Begin

Hi from Canada. Ontario to be a little more exact.  I’ve been an internet user for nearly two decades now. I even ran a BBS back in the day. Reflecting back I think I should have learned code.  I’ve had many an idea that I haven’t been able to act upon because 1. As I mentioned, I dodn’t know code and 2. I could never convince anyone else to help who did.

I put myself more on the creative side.  As the title may suggest.  Eh Writer.  What have I wrote?  Nothing you’ve read.  Not yet.  I guarantee in the next few years, that is going to change.  I’m sorta kinda near finished a few projects and very excited to move to the next stages.

I’m sure I’ll mention that now and then.  Plus I’ll be sharing life.

Life’s circumstances have me mostly home all the time and I need to start generating an income.

I thought I’d see if I could make some new friends through my own little blog. Please say hi.

What I like is contests.  I enter nearly everyone I come across.    I guess I’m not that lucky really, I mean I’ve won many small prizes, hordes of books, some children’s toys, and my largest prize is $250 in clothing, not too shabby, but I would like bigger.  I don’t feel I’ve won big yet.

Please share what you’ve won in the comments.  Thanks for your patience while I sort my way through everything and find my niche.

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Thanks for reading this and please leave a comment saying hi.


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