It really shouldn’t be a Secret.

I’m excited, this is my first BzzCampaign, and that it’s for Secret makes me happy. What it means though, is that I received the product in hopes I would review it.  All opinions are my own.

I honestly already use Secret, have since my late teens. That’s over 3 decades of doing exactly what it says it does, stops me from smelling and having soppy pits.

I’ll admit here that through most of my teenage years I was smelly. I showered daily, honest, but no one explained to me the difference between an antiperspirant and a deodorant and through most of high school what I used was wrong.  Most all ‘deordorents’ made are actually just anti-presperents.  They are suppose to stop you from sweating, but that, in itself, isn’t enough to stop someone from smelling.  So no matter how often I’d put it on, since my sweat was extra smelly it just wasn’t helping.

It was painful to hear them snickering on the bus after a strenuous day at school.  A few teachers would comment that I should practice better hygiene, but honestly I showered every day.  Apparently their wisdom didn’t include the knowledge of Secret.

The “strong enough for a man, but made for a woman” commericals of the 80s finally sunk in  midteens and I analyzed many of the “deodorants” in comparison to Secret and I realized Secret was the only one that offered a deodorant as well as an antiperspirant.

Over the years they’ve created new versions of their product.  Clinical Strength giving up to 48 hours of protection.  What more does any woman need than to know that if life gets too busy and they need to drop off the kids at school or need to stop at the store before getting a chance to shower, they can be confident Secret is still being effective.

Never satisfied Procter & Gamble <P&G> is at it again.  Developing Secret Outlast Clear Gel, with the same strength as Clinical Strength.  So 48 hours of protection and no more white marks on clothing, as Secret Outlast Clear Gel dries clear and it dries fast.

Don’t keep this a secret, tell all your female friends – Secret Outlast Clear Gel should be woman’s second best friend.


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