Our Own Contests

Women in Business Network is community of collaborative, fun, helpful, supportive, influential and ambitious women in business who aspire to achieve a life filled with passion, purpose and profit. Constantly looking for way to give back, Women in Business members have a powerful voice with  a reach of 28,000. Our goal is to improve opportunities for women both in Canada and globally for ALL women. We have 500 members both, online globally and with in-person locations in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary (Sister Location). We are proudly the every day women’s network and we attract social entrepreneurs who are solving problems in the world with dedication and determination.” About Women in Business Network WIBN Membership  <=== Entry Form to win membership to WIBN WIBN is supplying the prize.

Baby Formula Coupons  <== Enter here. 2 prizes $30+ Nestle Good Start coupons for 1st place, 2nd place gets approx $25 Enfamil bundle. First place gets to pick between the prizes of 1st or 2nd place. Second place gets to choose between whichever prize is left over or $30 in random coupons probably not baby related. You will have 36 hours to respond to my email before i move on. I’ve gathered the coupons over time.

One Month Access To Sweepstakes Ninja Software, $29 CAN/US Ends June 5, 2015 Entry Form for One Month Access To Sweepstakes Ninja Software <- Click here to enter Sweepstakes Ninja http://sweepstakesninja.com/ is contest entry software that can easily be installed on your computer and then you simply press a button and it enters all your details into hundreds of sweepstakes, saving you 2 to 3 hours a day of sweepstakes entering time! Whether you actually win a prize is entirely down to luck, but as the famous saying goes, “You’ve got to be in it to win it!” so if you never enter, you’ll definitely never win!! Thanks to Sweepstakes Ninja, you don’t have to worry about finding the time each day to enter sweepstakes to win your dream prizes, you can simply press the button and your details will be entered into all the giveaways available for that day. Many of the existing users of Sweepstakes Ninja have been using the software for years because they are so satisfied (and delighted) with the regular prizes it helps them to win. Imagine all sorts of wonderful surprises arriving through your letterbox each month? What a great way of adding a little excitement and happiness into your everyday life. Thanks to Sweepstakes Ninja we have a one month trial of the software to give away free to one of our very lucky readers. This prize is valued at $29 and of course could net you prizes worth a whole lot more! Winning a prize is thrilling for anyone and when it is achieved with very little effort it is even more satisfying. Many people simply don’t bother to enter sweepstakes because they feel it appears to be too much like hard work or because it is too good to be true, but with Sweepstakes Ninja, the hard work is taken away. Promoters love to give prizes away in sweepstakes because it spreads the word about their product, so winning prizes from sweepstakes is not too good to be true, it is a very real possibility and one that can be achieved faster and more easily than ever thanks to Sweepstakes Ninja (http://sweepstakesninja.com/). Entry Form <- Click here to enter Sweepstakes Ninja.Com is supplying the prize.

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