March 25, 2015


We’ve started colouring eggs!  Does your family decorate for Easter at all? It’s something I love to do and have made it a early tradition for my family.  

Galaxy S Edge WW Ends April 23, 2015 Spa time plus other prizes CAN/US Ends March 31, 2015 12 piece gourmet cookware giveaway CAN/US Ends April 1, 2015 Silver necklace with blue sapphire  CAN/US WEEKLY $125 Long Tall Sally GC  WW Ends March 29, 21015 Duchess Shoulder Bag from Fricaine WW Ends March 29, 2015 3 Stainless Steel Buckle Trakline Belts, $207 WW Ends March 29, 2015 Membership to Women In Business Network CAN Ends July 1, 2015 Baby Formula Coupons CAN Ends June 5, 2015 One Month Access To Sweepstakes Ninja Software , CAN/US Ends June 5 7″ Kyocera Professional Chef’s Knife CAN/US Ends April 5, 2015 4 skeins of Peaches & Creme yarn, 1 Susan Bates Bamboo Crochet Hook, 1 pink Erin Lane Yarn Bag, and a bundle of Leisure Arts crochet pattern books. Worth more than $100 CAN/US Ends March 26, 2015 littleBits Arduino Kit bundle, $405 CAN/US Ends April 4, 2015

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