Who thinks it’s wrong @fieldagentca can revoke an already approved job payment 2 days later? PLS RT if you do

It’s with sad heart that I tell this story.

My love affair with Field Agent crashed and burned in pretty spectacular form.

It’s quite confusing what’s happened really.

I’ll admit, I lashed out on twitter, but I would have deleted it 30 minutes later like I always do.  All i’d said is something very close to, don’t tell Field Agent when they make a mistake, they will take your money out of spite.  I also asked if they’d paid the job two days earlier without checking?  BOOM my account was closed and i’m accused of attacking them.

They don’t understand my situation.  They don’t understand how much stress i’m under. They saw me working up to 12 hour days a few times scraping together all the jobs I could, when I could.  I’m unemployed over 18 months now.  My health conditions make it hard to find a job, so being introduced to Field Agent was like a dream come true.

A dream that suddenly exploded into a nightmare.

I had done a job at 2515 Bank Street Shopper’s Drug Mart, Field Agent  needed to know the number of razors blades out of stock and had to take a picture of the stock.  $3.50.   Later that day they denied the job claiming i was not at the right address.  I promptly replied on  how I’d been approved two days before at the exact same address, so sorry if things aren’t working right, but I was at the right address.

It’s hard to explain to someone that doesn’t work at FieldAgent how it actually works, but when you get to the job you click it and sometimes it tells you you are at the wrong address, and to make sure you are at the correct location or you won’t be paid. This has happened about 20 times in five months already. Each time being paid, except for a Walmart job at 190 Richmond Road one time.

I was given the same speel with the $4 Richmond Road job, about the GPS not working. At that time I hadn’t mentioned how I’d already been approved at that address at least twice.  It was the first time this had happened but life was busy with holidays and I just moved on.

I truly wish I hadn’t mentioned how I’d been approved already at the Bank Street location just two days before, because the next day they revoked that job I’d already been paid for and took the money  This is where my issue is.

Good thing I hadn’t told them the date of at least one other job done at 2515 Bank Street which I’d been paid for.  I feel sure they would have taken that money as well. I’m pretty sure there’s been 4 jobs in all at that Shopper’s, but my files for January aren’t detailed.

I’m finding all this very odd that the job was revoked two days after being approved just because I brought to their attention their system isn’t working right.  Seems super suspicious to me. I’m probably wrong and it wasn’t their system, I’m really not sure what’s what.  I’m the first to admit electronics confuse me so i wouldn’t know if the picture of the GPS they are showing me would be mine or not.

I feel the response unfair.  They’d already checked it and they’d already paid it.  To be able to take it away two days later is unfair and suspicious don’t you think?  It was fine until I accused them of their system not working right.

Field Agent has refused to respond to my questions on twitter.   I’m blocked in fact, and I have now received two emails threatening me if I do not stop talking about the incident immediately.  They used the word libel alot.  I’m not concerned tho, as everything is the truth, flat out. I’ve been very careful with every word I’ve written. I even waited a few days for this post, just so the bitterness was gone.  I could be posting copies of emails/tweets but am refraining for now.  Apparently Field Agent does not believe in transparency. I know i’m pretty curious what they are trying to hide. How about you?

Field Agent basically blames my phone.  My Samsung Galaxy 4 is the problem apparently.  I’d love for Samsung to explain it all to me.

I’ll be reporting them to some government agency, I’m just not sure which one yet. I’ll update this blog when that happens.

Who thinks it’s wrong that field agent can revoke a payment days after it’s been approved and paid?

PS Most pictures that Field Agent requires usually break business’s laws about pictures being taken within their business. Think about that.  As an example every two months there’s jobs about menu boards at McDonalds, Starbucks, Subway and there was even A&W once. They wanted pictures that my Samsung couldn’t produce, but the few times I tried I’d always be asked not to take pictures by managers at the business. One of my first jobs the owner of the Pharmacy nearly chased me out when I tried.  You don’t get paid for those either.

PPS As i mentioned Field Agent blocked me on twitter, but it still shows I follow them on my end hehe that annoys me. Do I still show up in the listing of followers for them?  Seems misrepresented if I do.


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